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We Believe That Good Health Is At The Heart Of A Happy Fullfilled Life.
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The Art of Beauty & Precision
Botox – Fillers – Hair Restoration – PRP – Chemical Peels and more..

Primacry Care

Leaders in Primary Care Medicine. Providing Care For The Whole Family.
X-Ray/EKG/Blood Draws On Site

IV Vitamins

Give Yourself Earth’s Vitamins & Minerals Directly Through IV. Customized For Your Needs

Weight Loss

Look Great and Feel Great
A Medical Weigh Loss Program That Actually Works To Help You Reach Your Goal

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What we can do for you…

Browse our website to take a look at the variety of the services we can offer you. We listed some of these services below

Primary Care Medicine
(Family Doctor Group)

We strive for excellence in your care. Orenda Doctors offers a comprehensive approach to family medicine and primary care medicine.
Make an appointment today. 

Services we provide include:
Management of chronic disease
Management of acute illness
Long-term care management
Weight management
Smoking cessation
Digital X-ray on site
We work with specialties and can provide referrals
Annual visits and blood work
and much more..

Advanced Medical Aesthetics

 Advanced Medical Aesthetics is your way to go to assure that you’ll be getting the highest quality care possible from licensed healthcare providers who are professionally trained in Cosmetology and Aesthetics.

Come in for a consultation where we’ll discuss with you the latest in the science of technology of aesthetics, and make a plan with you to offer you the best services to keep you look youthful and healthy.

Some of the Services we Provide include:
Botox and Dysport
Dermal Fillers
Weight Loss, and weight Management
Hair Restoration therapy
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Chemical Peels
and many more..

Call us at or click on the image above to visit our Aesthetics website

IV Vitamins Therapy

IV Vitamins Therapy

Doctors’s IV are customized IV Vitamins and Minerals that are mixed for you in the clinic on the day of your visit.

Choose which one of our Doctor’s IV packages is right for you. 

Whether you are just looking for an extra boost of energy,
Whether you have a cold and want to help give your immune system a boost.
Whether you want to rehydrate your skin and give it more of its much needed nutrients
Whether you are feeling tired or worn down and want to try to an IV treatment
or whether you’ve been learning about all the benefits of IV vitamins, Mineral, and super antioxidants such as Glutahione
Doctor’s IV at Orenda Doctors might just what you’re looking for…

Orenda Weight Loss

Reaching Your Ideal Weight Can Mean a Whole New Life and New Possibilities For You

Obesity is linked to a wide range of diseases and lack of good health.
With Today’s Sedentary lifestyles and less than perfect diet, many people are finding themselves overweight.
Maybe You’ve tried dieting and it hasn’t worked for you,
Maybe You’ve tried a plan you’ve read online and it hasn’t working for you,
Reaching an ideal weight can mean a healthier lifestyle and a happier life.
Give us a visit and see how our medical team might be able to help you shed these extra pounds and drop inches off your waist.
Get in the body you love for this summer


With AYD Visiting Physicians we bring top medical care to your own home. This service is usually covered by Medicare for homebound patients who cannot leave their home or have hardships in doing so. 

We provide the same types of services you would receive at a primary care clinic such as:
Management of Chronic Disease
Management of Acute illness
Long-term Care management
Weight management
Smoking Cessation
Annual Visits and blood work
Working with specialties and providing referrals
and much more..

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