About Us

We are a group of healthcare providers who strive to give you the best quality care no matter where we see you

Meet our Founders


Dr. A. Ibrahim, D.O.

Dr Ibrahim received his medical degree from Michigan State University and spent time training in hospitals in New Jersey and in Florida. Dr. Ibrahim excelled in his training because of his love for medicine, and his desire to always make a positive difference. He helped found Innovative Care Systems (ICS) Medical Solutions and At Your Door (AYD) Visiting Physicians because he believes in the company’s simple yet powerful mission of always striving for the best quality care possible to all of its patients, while standing by the core values at the heart of our team.

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Mike Chammout FNP-C

Thank you for being here. I grew up in southeast Michigan which I still call home. I was raised by my grandparents (God rest their souls), who instilled in me the deep passion I have for helping others, especially caring for the elderly. I am a strong advocate of lifestyle modifications and educating my patients about how they can improve their health. I obtained my nursing degree from Wayne State University in 2010 and later returned to school for my family nurse practitioner certification from South University. I learn new things every day and learning helps me help others.